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About Johannes Heidingsfelder
Studied Tonmeister (“sound master course for excellent musicians/ scientists”) at the Filmuniversität Konrad-Wolf Potsdam-Babelsberg, just the other side of world-famous Filmstudios Babelsberg,  working as sound designer, audio project manager, composer, Tonmeister and musician (electronic music, cello). His films have been screened at worldwide A-Festivals from Berlin to Cannes, San Francisco to Tokyo. The Goethe-Institut invited him to Kazakhstan, he went to Egypt and for audio Q&A to the Max Ophüls Festival. The University of Lucerne asked him to contribute to the book publication “Denken in Bildern” (Thinking in Pictures) from a creative perspective as an artist. He’s an official “Berlinale Talents” of the Berlinale Film Festival and received the young talent award “Best Sound for Picture” from the Association of German Tonmeister (VdT) at Tonmeistertagung Cologne. After several tests he obtained a scholarship from the Foundation of German Economy (SDW), which enabled him to participate in further trainings in politics, technology, society and communication skills over many years. Scholarships also from the City of Berlin, for the master class Sound Design in Hamburg and in 2020 by Musikfonds e.V. for “outstanding artistic achievements that contribute to the preservation of musical diversity”. Internships at the Bavarian Broadcast Radio BR, the Berlin Philharmonic and in the studio of an famous Echo and multiple Gold & Platinum awarded band.
He’s a long distance runner, both at sports and at work, with enormous tenacity, followed by quick learning, in many training sessions gained empathy and a tendency to perfectionism. A drive to constantly expand the limits of what can be heard and experienced through all kinds of audio.
In four major AAA projects he alone fulfilled the complete range of these core steps:
– Location Recordings
– Editing
– Sound Design
– Mixer
– Score (composition, recording, mixing)
– post-production manager.
Themes of the films
Strong narratives, socio-critical reflections, illumination of a human psyche in extreme situations (I Don’t Feel Like Dancing), bullying (At Eye Level), the exploration of loneliness (The Final Call), the German-French border relationship (Greetings from Cottendorf), broken friendship (2 in me – SouthKorea), Germany’s oldest photographer agency Ostkreuz (Photo: Ostkreuz). In “Wives and Girlfriends”, the story about player’s wives in football was awarded with First Steps Nachwuchspreis (best in DACH region) and invited to the Berlinale Filmfestival (Perspektive Deutsches Kino). “Ella and Nell” sheds light on the now difficult friendship between two women, marked by their conflicting decisions about family or their own career (Mubi). The projects won the German Academy Award, German Critics’ Prize, UNICEF Award, another 40 international awards and were shown regularly on earth and in the sky.
Non-Film projects:
In 2018 he was booked for an extraordinary event on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, for which he composed nine sound collages about public figures. Due to the success, he was booked for the follow-up event in the same year. Solely responsible for the overall sound concept (content and implementation), leading a small team, he worked directly for the creative director. In 2020 he created audio assets for the iOS and Android game “Under Watch”, which reached number 6 in the US iOS charts within the first days and soon counted more than 200k downloads. For his own music project he manages the balancing act of creating catchy, sophisticated music and deals with topics of society, philosophy and economy, collaborating with artists from the US, Italy, Greece, Spain and Germany.
Other Experiences
Partly very unusual experiences he found on his longer journeys through more than 37 countries, 8 months in a row he travelled through Asia with a small rucksack, walked with a tent along an ancient Japanese pilgrimage route (with TV interview), was welcomed by young Israelis for his first Shabbat including overnight stay while hitchhiking at the border to Syria and discussed in the mountains of Taiwan in a hot mountain spring about politics and history of China with the CEO of the Taiwan Film Institute, who visited him during his business trip to the Berlinale Filmfestival for a brewery tour at the Eco Brewery Lammsbrauerei in Neumarkt. He loves to cook and uses a popular cooking platform for this purpose (Chefkoch). Since he knows both ingredients and recipes for exquisite sound for his work, he exchanged   cooking with sound and registered the Cheftonmeister address. Enjoy your sound!
meisterton at gmx


Metropolis – MASTERCLASS Ben Burtt
The Final Call – best sound for picture award by german tonmeister association
– Reaktor Fukushima
ORCHAN – for huge Orchester