About Johannes Heidingsfelder

Johannes Heidingsfelder studied Tonmeister (sound engineering) at the Filmuniversität Konrad-Wolf in Potsdam-Babelsberg, just the other side of world-famous Filmstudios Babelsberg. He works as sound designer, audio project manager, composer, Tonmeister and musician (electronic music, cello). His films have been screened in Cannes and at worldwide A-Festivals from Berlin to San Francisco to Tokyo. The Goethe-Institut invited him to Kazakhstan, followed by invitations to Egypt and for audio Q&A to the Max Ophüls Festival. The University of Lucerne asked him to contribute to the book publication „Denken in Bildern“ (Thinking in Pictures) from a creative perspective as an artist.
Topics of the films are mostly socio-critical reflections and the illumination of the human psyche in extreme situations, bullying (At Eye Level), the transformation of rational people into ruthless exploiters (I don’t feel like dancing), research on loneliness (The Final Call), changing German-French border relationships (Greetings from Cottendorf) or Germany’s oldest photographer agency Ostkreuz (Photo: Ostkreuz). In „Wives and Girlfriends“ the story about player’s wives in football has won dozen of awards. „Ella and Nell“ sheds light on the now difficult friendship between two women, marked by their conflicting decisions about family or job (doctoral thesis). The projects have won the German Academy Award, German Critics‘ Prize, UNICEF Award, First Steps Young Talent Prize and over 60 other international an national awards. In addition to film festivals, the projects have been regularly shown on television, Amazon, Mubi and others.
In 2018 he was booked for an extraordinary event on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, for which he composed nine sonic collages about public persons. Due to the success, he was also booked for the follow-up event. He is a official „Talent“ of the Berlinale Film Festival and received the young talent award „Best Sound for Picture“ from the Association of German Tonmeister (VdT).
At the same time he tried his hand at the artistic balancing act of making sophisticated music catchy. To this end, he worked on topics such as society, philosophy and economy and collaborated with artists from the USA, Italy and Germany so far. In 2020 he successfully extending the project with 14 tracks and more.
He gained knowledge – and partly very unusual experiences – on journeys through more than 35 countries, he travelled through Asia for 8 months in a row with only a small backpack, hiking an ancient Japanese pilgrimage route with tent (including an obligatory Japanese TV interview), was invited to his first Shabbat including overnight stay with a young Israeli family while hitchhiking at the border to Syria and discussing China’s situation in a hot mountain spring were he befriended with the CEO of the Taiwan Film Institute, who visited him during his business trip to the Berlinale Film Festival for a brewery tour at the historical yet modern Bio-Brewery in Neumarkt, Bavaria.

Johannes lives in Bavaria and likes to travel to Berlin, Munich and the whole world.
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