About Johannes Heidingsfelder

Johannes Heidingsfelder is a sound engineer and composer for all kind of media. He started his career with creating the sound for student films at the film school Konrad Wolf in Potsdam-Babelsberg (HFF) while studying for diplom Tonmeister. He had internships with the Bavarian broadcast, Berliner Philharmonie, CinePlus filmproduction and well known music studio23 in Frankfurt. Over years he was scholarship holder at the German Foundation of Business and is still Alumnus. Leaving filmschool with summa cum laude he travelled through Himalaya and Asian countries, just with a small backpack for eight month. But what he has found are many life-long friends. He’s working as a freelancer in sound design, was responsible for the whole post production of the production of the documentary about Germany’s most renowned photo agency Ostkreuz „Photo: OSTKREUZ“. The movie „At eye level“ won the German Acadamy Award „Deutscher Filmpreis“, where he did sound design, additional music and more. At Berlinale Filmfestival he is recognized as an official talent and he is priceholder of the Best Sound for Picture award from the German Tonmeister Association. He likes to tell stories and loves to create new worlds. Check out his short story about today’s fear of artificial intelligence (AI) and the increase of roboters in industries . Or if you are more excited about audio in computer games go for „The Final Call“ where he tells a ego-shooter like story out of the destroyed nuclear reactor of Fukushima. Johannes lives in Bavaria and likes to travel to Berlin, Munich and the whole world. Get in contact cheftonmeister at gmx.de